• The Axle Workout is great. It's exactly what I've been missing in my weekly workouts. As a former professional athlete, I struggle with balancing workouts throughout the week. Mainly which body part, how long and how effective it will be. When I started Axle, I felt the results right away. My strength, flexibility and core all got better. Taking the 50 min class, 2-3 times a week, proved to not only be great on my body, but it also improved my overall performance on the Basketball court. Now, that I'm on the Player Development side, I am able to incorporate a lot of the movements I've learned at Axle with my athletes. I'd recommend to anyone wanting to take their performance and overall strength to the next level
    — Nate Brown, Former Professional Basketball Player, Athletic Trainer
  • The Axle Workout is a game changer and I’m so honored to have it featured at Crunch. As a National Director of Programming, I’m always looking for what is innovative and cool – what’s a great workout and yet has a fun factor to it. Axle has all of this in spades and what makes it stand out even more for me is the heart that its creators have in designing a workout and piece of equipment that is SMART – and I mean, like “insanely smart for our bodies” smart. The more I take this class and work with Team Axle, the stronger I become as an instructor and an individual. I’ve been with Crunch for 19 years and this is one of the rare teams/workouts that has made me have so many “aha” moments on what our participants’ bodies needs are.
    — Mark Santa Maria, National Group Fitness Director at Crunch Fitness
  • I am a huge fan of the Axle workout. Its a combination of cardio, strength and movement patterns that are essential to maximizing athleticism and preventing against injury. I recommend the workout to everyone from those looking to get in shape to professional athletes. The instructors are genuinely invested in the health of the class, offering modifications for injuries and adapting to the skill level of the class on hand. I've implemented a lot of the workout into my own work as a player development coach and it has been a hit with my players.
    — Tim Burns, Athletic Trainer and Basketball Player Development Coach