Axle Workout - Loaded Certification

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Axle Workout - Loaded Certification


The Axle Workout Certification for LOADED

The Axle Workout training and certification program is an accredited, NASM/AFAA endorsed class that qualifies for CEU credit. The certification is based around the sports science of the Axle Workout, the unique functionality of the Axle and the methodology of teaching the Axle Workout group fitness class.

The programming behind The Axle Workout is designed to offer a spectrum of classes that cater to regular gym goers.  Where Axle Full Body appeals to those looking for fitness, Axle Loaded appeals to a rapidly growing segment of the population looking for performance.

This is the first small group training application of Olympic weightlifting techniques using the Axle Barbell

This is a half day certification (4.5 hrs) held at:

Crunch Fitness Bowery New York

2 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003

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