Sample Workouts

Axle Cut 1: Axle Core

A foundational class that focuses on building the midline, lateral and rotary core groups.  Axle Core develops the flexibility and trunk stability needed to ensure long term spinal health and strength in everyday movements.


Axle Cut 2: Axle Loaded

A tempo training class that levels up muscle and metabolic load. Add weight plates on your Axle (your choice - 2.5lb-50lb) to increase muscle strength and endurance.  And ramp up with high intensity bursts throughout the workout.


Axle Cut 3: Axle Full Body

A fast-paced tempo training workout that will use your entire body. This is a great workout that can scale up making it a great fit for any user.


Axle Cut 4: Axle Foundations

An introduction to the dynamic exercises used in the Axle Workout. This class is a great place to get started with your Axle!