The Story Behind The Axle

Like all great ideas, this one started with a sketch on a napkin.

In the summer of 2014, co-founders Andrew Page and Anuj Patel were discussing the limitations of gym equipment. They needed something to provide their clients with a full body workout that emphasized the random nature of real world human movement and mimicked the types of routines used by athletes. The fitness industry was saturated with complex machinery and expensive equipment that worked muscle groups in isolation. Very little attention was paid to equipment that would enhance total body performance and balance.

So they decided to build it themselves.

Sketching out their initial idea on the back of a napkin, they then spent the next year turning their idea into reality. They spoke to over 50 different experts from wide ranging fields such as metallurgy and biomechanical engineering and read every research report or academic study they could come across related to the benefits of dynamic human movement. They started off by prototyping dozens of different designs, ultimately coming up with the design for the Axle after several months of work.

The Axle itself is deceptively simple- machined from premium materials such as high strength aluminum and magnesium, with lightweight wheels all designed to easily disassemble for convenient storage. But the secret to the Axle lies in its patented design composed of many individual parts that work in tandem to deliver an unparalleled workout experience. The length of the bar, the size of the wheels, the rolling resistance and the weight of the Axle itself were all carefully calibrated with over 500 hours of testing to ensure a premium experience for users of all athletic abilities. 

Using the very best materials, Andrew and Anuj engineered a piece of equipment unlike no other and in tandem developed a unique athletically focused workout that leverages the Axle to lengthen and tone specific muscle groups used by athletes in a high intensity class that burns over 750 calories in only a 50 minute session. By challenging themselves to build something better, The Axle Workout was born.